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Kubrick crossfades from Bill and Alice exiting the San Remo, in Eyes Wide Shut, to a 3/4 view of the building that will serve as Victor's mansion. The location is the Polish Consulate General, in the Joseph Raphael de Lama house, at the corners of East 37th Street and Madison Avenue in New York. Behind it, we see a part of 237 Madison Ave. which is Morgan’s Hotel. 233 is the home of the Polish Consulate General.


Victor's Ball - Revisiting "Eyes Wide Shut" - Google Maps Redux


The Entrance to Victor's Supposed Mansion - Revisiting "Eyes Wide Shut" - Google Maps Redux

The number 237 will have meaning for fans of Kubrick's The Shining, and appears elsewhere very clearly in Eyes Wide Shut. 237 is also the address of the Verona Restaurant on the set, and appears to perhaps be the address of the hospital where Bill views Amanda in the morgue, as the shot of Bill entering the hospital lobby shows the street address of 236 opposite. See the San Remo post for another 237.

Below is a still from the film of Victor's.


Google screengrab

This is the facade of the Morgan Hotel at 237 Madison Avenue, located beside the supposed home of Victor.


237 Madison, Behind Victor's Supposed Mansion - Revisiting "Eyes Wide Shut" - Google Maps Redux

Is this purely coincidence that the choice for Victor's home is alongside this 237 address? The facade of the Morgan has 3 arches. Note the facade of the hospital that is used for the film.

EWS screengrab

It seems to me that one recalls the other. But the viewer will have no idea that Victor's supposed mansion is beside 237 Madison Avenue.

EWS screengrab

We see three arches within the glass facade of the restaurant. These are the three arches of the Jason Hotel.

EWS screengrab

A Google map of the location of the Polish Consulate General.

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