Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut:

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At 101-105 Waverly Place, off McDougal, we've a possible inspiration for the Hotel Jason. Notable is the 101 address. Previous to this, Kubrick had used the anchor of East 11th Street and University Place and East 13th Street and University Place, both shots featuring Bowlmor Lanes pin banners prominently. As the East 11th street shot is facing toward the East 13th Street, and the East 13th Street shot is facing East 11th Street, the film seems to be suggesting these streets bookend something notable between, such as Bill visiting the neighborhood. Because of the prominent bowling pin banners, a natural focal point is the Bowlmar address of 110 University Place. This may seem absurd but the number 10 is associated strongly with the Rainbow costume shop, which Bill visits and finds closed after the first University Place anchor. The second University Place anchor precedes Bill's visit to the Jason Hotel, which we see here is inspired by the Washington Square Hotel which has an address of 101.

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