Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut:

Go to TOC for this film ( (which has also a statement on purpose and manner of analysis and a disclaimer as to caveat emptor and my knowing anything authoritatively, which I do not, but I do try to not know earnestly, with some discretion, and considerable thought).

When Bill leaves Domino's apartment the second time, just before his realization he is being followed by the bald man, we see him at the intersection of Wooster and Grand Streets in New York, the Soho area.

I located this through pure dumb luck due the cobblestone street. Did a search for neighborhoods in New York with brick streets and came up mainly with places in Queens and Brooklyn. That wasn't going to work. Then I wondered if perhaps the street only looked like it was paved in brick due the street lights. So I did a search instead for cobblestone streets and an article came up mentioning Soho. I zoomed over Soho in Google maps and this was my second drop. Whew. Like I said, pure dumb luck.

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