A Philosophical Conversation Respecting the Arts, with Venus, 2018
Digital painting
40 by 29.8 inches

Censored and uncensored versions.

The censored version is in response to Facebook, despite their allowing nudity in art, repeatedly pulling my paintings and blocking me out of my account. Each time I asked for a review of the painting that was pulled, and each time the painting was always approved and reinstated, but I would still remain blocked out of my account, and each time this happened, despite my paintings being approved and reinstated in every instance, I would remain blocked out of my account, and the amount of time would lengthen with each ban, until finally I had no choice but to pull all paintings with nudity lest I end up being banned from my account for a period of months.

18_11_21_1_b and 18_11_21_1

Reference model via Skydancer Stock

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