Living Color

The world premeire of LIVING COLOR was at the Seven Stages Backdoor Theater, November 20 through December 10 1989.

Madeleine St. Romain
Don Smith
Pamella McClure
Set Design:
Timothy Schmidin
Lighting Design:
Margaret S. Tucker
Sound Design and
Original Music:
Martin Kearns
Stage Manager:
Catherine Smith
Lighting and
Sound Operator:
Laurie Dahl
Juli Kearns
Production stills:
David Zeiger

The intro and exit music for the production survives and has been placed on SoundCloud by my son, Aaron Kearns. There are 8 tracks.

The voices in track two are Madeleine St. Romain and Don Smith.

Music by Martin Kearns. Production by Martin and Juli Kearns.

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Header image: Televised Dinner Theater of Mortals and Gods Featuring Janus, 2015, by Juli Kearns.