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IDYLLOPUS PRESS : BIG SOFA : Museum : It's a Wonderful Life : part 3

Michelle, mabelle...I've always said the Beatles music is like you are looking out a laundromat window at a car's rear chrome bumper.

These are some old bubble gum cards my husband has leftover from his youth. They are ragged out and worth nothing.

beatles go swimming

(1) The Beatles swim for photographers. Ringo is overshadowed by George. Paul and Ringo are bookends in matching trunks. I bet George and John are wearing matching trunks too. "Boys, say hi!"

beatles still swimming

(2) Here the Beatles are having fun getting out of the water. This time George is covered up by Paul and John.

beatles with uncomfortable cop

(3) Here are the Beatles with a very uncomfortable, stiff cop in the back of a police van. Don't you know that the publicity people thought this was a great idea. Cool boots.

the beatles dine

(4) The Beatles dine in their breakfast bathrobes. This is to show they have a bit of culture. One gets a clear image of Ringo as a little boy. "Bread and jam!"

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