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IDYLLOPUS PRESS : BIG SOFA : Museum : It's a Wonderful Life : part 4

This museum is nice and restful, isn't it. You can almost hear the continual, cottony, soft fissssh of the central air sifting its cool out all the hidden vents.

julian lennon wants to play

Julian Lennon was at the club where my husband often plays. My husband wasn't there that night, but a member of the band in which he plays was and was playing with the band that was playing there that night. Julian Lennon had a note sent up that he was there and wanted to play a song. The bandleader said no. This is the note that was sent up to the band. My husband wrote the "NO" on it for posterity's sake. You can see the holes in the paper where I've had this tacked up on the wall.

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