Portrait of H.o.p. and Aku, 2005

Portrait of H.o.p. and Aku, 2005
Portrait of H.o.p. and Aku, 2005
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The devotion of a child to a toy is a funny thing. H.o.p. loved that Aku and did many drawings of it. When it broke (and he was careful with it, but the toy was fairly flimsy) we carefully glued it together again. When it again later broke we tried glue again. Eventually I remember his using Play Doh modeling clay to try to hold it together, and when that eventually failed he tried twine and glue.

H.o.p.’s 2011 DragonCon Costume

H.o.p.'s 2011 DragonCon Costume
H.o.p.’s 2011 Dragoncon Costume
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Yes, it may look like a cape/cloak and a felt top hat, but to H.o.p.’s mind, even at thirteen, it is so much more, and he spent at least a couple of months contemplating and planning his outfit, abandoning here and there an elaboration which he realized he wouldn’t be quite able to implement as he doesn’t have the know how, and I don’t have the know how. We finally purchased the cape from a woman on Etsy, and it turns out to be a very good and solid cape, very well made, and fits him so perfectly I doubt that he will be able to wear it past this year. H.o.p. had a cartoon figure in mind that he had hopes of decorating the cape and hat to imitate, but comprehending finally that the cartoon figure would never translate into reality, he settled on the staples: the hat, the cape, the white gloves. And he is happy with it.