Via Political Wire a silly game. Hammer the hammer. It gets a kid point rating of 10 with my 7 year old who was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically and is now playing it on his computer. I say, Agh, gack, blech, and other nonsensical syllables. Time to go scrub my brain with sand paper. I’m usually pretty good at getting through videos of these guys, but watching a C-Span offering of Delay addressing the NRA I had to shut it down after 10 seconds. I was already creepy-crawly when he took the podium and started to speak. He shortly thereafter crowed that speaking at the NRA meeting was the highlight of his political career. My hand autonomously snapped out and closed the screen.

Kind of like my son’s response to the big frog exhibit at Fernbank. He refuses to go to Fernbank now because there was a slide show of a frog being dissected. Unnerved him. Too much. He was relieved to learn that it’s not a permanent installation because he’d decided he never wanted to go back in the building. In the meanwhile we go to the Fernbank Science Center rather than the museum. Which also threw him when he was five years old, all the stuffed animals on exhibit.

I lie on that “I’m usually pretty good at getting through videos of these guys”. It took me a long, long while before I could begin to watch Bush. I suppose I should be ashamed to admit that I managed to avoid any video of him at all when he was first running for Prez. And his voice was just as bad. Like Delay’s voice. Both are literally painful. Though I have managed some immunity to Bush.

I’ve more stamina than my husband though, who still can’t watch Bush.

Whoever could get past just the initial gross-out factor with Bush and Delay and tolerate watching them long enough to decide “Hey, that’s my choice!” …well, the evidence is that many have but the how of it escapes me.

My gross-out factor is kind of squirrely.

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  1. Although Bush has always sounded insincere, he has not always had his present accent. If he didn’t have a voice coach, well, who knows? maybe he could have watched old Lyndon Johnson tv clips and practiced, maybe with a mouthful of grits at first. Or else he just has a good ear, and learned to talk that way naturally back in the oil business in Texas after Harvard. A few months ago I managed to find a sound byte of Bush from the 1970s, when he sounded much as you would expect of a guy who was raised in the family of a Connecticut aristocrat, went to Phillips Andover, Yale, and the Harvard business school. Not a trace of the texas accent then.
    Think about it–if he’d had the aw shucks accent when he went to off to prep school, his little peers at Andover would have soon beaten it out of him.

  2. Interesting. I had no idea. (It’s not the Texas accent that puts me off, it’s tone, delivery and what’s being said.) If it was something not as pronounced when he was young, that he dropped, I would wonder if he had voice coaching later in preparing what was considered a sellable accent. Thanks for noting this.

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