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IDYLLOPUS PRESS : BIG SOFA : Museum : It's a Wonderful Life : part 1

This sofa would prefer to be a piano

my not very exotic world and the things that give it a bit of exotic flavor

tube of Norwegian kaviar

This is a tube of Norwegian kaviar. It rather resembles a tube of American toothpaste, I say American because it may not resemble a tube of Norwegian toothpaste at all. I don't know what a tube of Norwegian toothpaste looks like. Did I go to Norway? No, I don't even have a passport because the opportunity to ever afford to travel is remote, to say the least. But my husband was in Norway for a couple of days on business. He was very sick with a cold while there and the Norwegian doctors kept trying to give him morphine. My husband wouldn't have minded this except we can't do things like morphine or alcohol (I need not elaborate). He brought me back this tube of kaviar. I will never open it, of course. It will sit on my kitchen shelf for the next forty years. When I die then it will go in the trash and that will be the end of this kaviar tube's life as a privileged, appreciated museum piece.

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