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The Official BigSofa Registry of Sofas page 2

BS#0019 1999-06-04 At Lenore's suggestion, another Cher sofa. At Cher's WWW site, we find Cher and baby Chas in front of a kind of sofa? Looks like metal frame. It was Chas' first day home from the hospital after her birth.
BS#0020 1999-06-04Lenore also sends in for honorary sofa registration a sofa viewed at upon which Liam Neeson was seated. She assumed it was a photo of his and Natasha Richardson's sofa.
BS#0021 1999-06-04BigSofa Living Master Laurie's New York apartment futon/sofa/bed. She gives a description of it here.
BS#0022 1999-06-20Honorary registration of Truman Capote's mention of a red sofa which reminds him of a train seat. (I forget now who submitted this.)
BS#0023 2000-03-27Honorary registration of Sigmund Freud's couch.
BS#0024 2000-03-28Honorary registration of Carl Jung's therapy couch. You know he had one. I've not found a picture of it yet.
BS#0025 2000-03-29ZB's sandblasted--and still thriving--Texas couch
BS#0026 Register your sofa and see it here! Waiting for your email!
BS#0027 2000-04-02Here it is, "last observed by the shore of Lake Truman" Big Blue! now at Slackville. Witnesses of Big Blue's appearance at Lake Truman (you know, that lake which has something to do with the Harry S. Truman dam, and which is neither Lake Ozark nor the Hoover Dam's Lake Mead) are said to have gone home and thrown out their sacred Venus on the half-shell lamps in disappointment. Tourists and pilgrims looking for a pilgrimage take note--a celebration of Big Blue's birth is held yearly at the dock, complete with floats and lots of local wildflowers. We don't know if Slackville has such plans. (UPDATE: Wrong. BigBlue is not from the lake associated with Harry S. Truman dam. It is from Lake Pomme de Terre. The above link tells the story more adequately.)
BS#0028 2000-04-03The Royal Sapphire Cat Claw Sharpener Not Big Blue Sofa Sofa. Bibi writes, "This sofa won't be here for long! I am trying to sell my Royal Sapphire Cat Claw Sharpnere Not Big Blue Sofa Sofa, which is a fake velvet, highly flammable monstrosity. I paid way too much money for the Royal Sapphire Cat Claw Sharpener Not Big Blue Sofa Sofa only three years ago in Bozeman, Mt. I may have to pay someone to cart if off. Any takers?"

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