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"Borrow one, get one free"
--credited to Irene de Mandible



Trends come and go. But Collectibles are here to stay! People just love collectibles. And who wouldn't be captivated by these fun imminently collectible mushroom people custom designed for the collectibles market by Irene.

Irene, well known for her custom dog portraits, has become captivated with the ultimately personable mushroom. "What is more welcoming than one of my little mushroom people?" she asks. "I carry one in my pocket all day long. If I need a bit of cheer, without looking at the mushroom person, just knowing it's in my pocket, I find my steps lighter. The cares of the world fall away. Gravity ceases as a law of the universe. For a long while I made them for my own delight and psychological welfare, but then it occurred to me how greedy that was, and that I had stumbled upon a true friend that should be shared with the world. This is why I began my line of Mushroom People. And not only will people be doing themselves a service when they purchase a Mushroom People, they will be doing a public service as well, for a portion of all proceeds goes to the WHAT IS THE LARGEST LIVING INTELLIGENCE ON EARTH FUND FOR THE GREAT OREGON FUNGUS PRESERVATION FUND."

Each Mushroom People is handcrafted of the best quality Play Doh clay. To ensure viability we ship in plastic humidor bags. Please be aware that as these mushrooms are lovingly handcrafted, details may vary slightly from Mushroom People to Mushroom People, MAKING THEM THAT MUCH MORE COLLECTIBLE for no two MUSHROOM PEOPLE are the same! Just like us!

Primary color mushrooms

Yellow. Shown life size. $6.95. Effect: Calming and sunny.

Blue. Shown life size. $6.95. Effect: Great for meditation.

Red. Shown life size. $6.95. Effect: For when you need energy.

Novelty color mushrooms

Purple. Shown life size. $8.95. Effect: Escape your doldrums! Highly individualizing. Perfect for work or parties.

Rainbow. Shown life size. $8.95. This is one style of the rainbow. They actually came in many different combinations of shades, most with all the colors of the rainbow! Effect: Temperance.

Earth color mushrooms

Green. Shown life size. $7.95.

Tan. Shown life size. $7.95.

Black. Shown life size. $7.95

Novelty expression mushrooms

Can come in a variety of expressions. Please specify. Shown life size. $9.95

What makes a mushroom happy and sad

Size of mushrooms


Write down the mushrooms you want. Mushrooms are the price shown plus $4.95 shipping and handling each.


You have a special Mushroom Person waiting to be your friend and pocket or desk companion!

For ordering information, contact irene de mandible at (uhm) idyllopus at meanwhile dot com.

Please don't forget to visit Irene's sponsor, Bigsofa, when you're done!

Visit Irene de Mandible's webpage at BigSofa

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