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the magick cloth of BigSofa captured for you

Now you too can have your very own piece of BigSofa. Kind of. We thought about it and realized that if we sent out an actual piece of the fabric of BigSofa to all who have requested such, that it wouldn't take very long until there was no BigSofa upon which to sit. Therefore we painstakingly enlarged a section of the BigSofa from a photograph and colored it in so it looks very much like what a piece of cloth from the Bigsofa would look like.

What is so remarkable about this cloth? What can we tell you but that when we purchased BigSofa a little over a year ago, all our neighbors, like us, were stranded in dogged-out duplex and triplex apartments, which are roomy and cheap, yes, but still pretty dogged-out and in urgent need of certain repairs. Now, just a little over a year later, the people who lived in the house behind us purchased their own house and moved out, the neighbor who lives in the second floor of the house two doors down has purchased a house, the couple who lived beneath her have purchased their own house and moved out, our next-door neighbor is planning on purchasing a house this summer, and our duplex neighbor will be purchasing a house this coming winter!!

How does the BigSofa work its magick? We don't know. But our suggestion is that you print out this cloth and give it to your next door neighbor, then stand back and watch your GOOD LUCK roll in!!

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