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Interspecies southern gothic girly novella

by Brien Engel

Chapter Six

Copyright © 1999 Brien Engel

The daughter? Well there was hundreds of boys and girls, you mean the daughter I was talking about 'cause she's Trish over there's mom.

Well there was many that made it and Gin was just particular in a way and I liked her. I read once that it's a sin for a family to have conjugal relations among themselves plus in science they explained how that's what makes people ill and deformed. I found out this was different 'cause it wasn't people and people but people and fish and it's another thing how Gin and I got along. It wasn't the same. But she came with the same ideas that make you set and give up, just like Marble. She was the one suggested it.

If you want to get all technical it is better to mix it up and so that's why you're here. That's why I went to Jackson. Well I went to Jackson because of the opera and to see Sister too, but they have a pond there Sister said is where they raise catfish for the farmer market. Anyways it's a few more years and it won't make a bit of difference, you'll see. It was just a little jar. I was proud and they all sang for me before they took off.

Well you asked. So it was I guess about the third week and I got the little pooch to the side of my stomach, like you'll get, and it didn't change much after that until it was time. It's just real important to be at the right place when it's time, like if you're at a show and it's just the washroom you can go to well so be it but you better bring a jar or something or make like you have to leave and think quickly.

Anyways about then she was ready to see the world and we had to think about how she was from Biloxi visiting and we met at the train station when I helped out there so we could have a story. She needed her place painted and I'd go stay down there and work and help Papa and me both out. That sounded good. The problem was she had a mouth that was still a little too sideways and strange looking for a human girl and that she jerked when she took in air and hiccupped a lot. But we had by her calculations less than a few days and decided to go with it.

Lucky Sister had some musty clothes in her room I could sneak her 'cause it wouldn't have been much good to take a naked catfish woman home to Papa. And not everything was right yet in that department if you know what I mean. There was patches of blue grey around all those places and it looked rough, not that it would matter 'cause even in Sylvarena where a lot of stuff goes on there was still nobody'd go for a naked anyone talking about their fine place in Biloxi.

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