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"Immanuel can't do it all for us. He's not twenty-first century enough, at least not the twentieth century god. He isn't dead. He's old. I mean, he's really, really old. He's forgotten everything and we're supposed to remember it for him, which doesn't seem fair. It's like trying to log in for e-mail and you don't have the password. You hand me this thread and tell me I've got to find my way to the center of the maze and kill the old man so he can be born again? I mean, not only do I have to kill god but I have to find my way out again? To where? Here? You want to know where the twenty-first century god is? The internet is the maze and god is hiding himself in all these bits of information zipping around, and we complain about him taking up bandwidth. This sounds silly but I'm serious. He can't do it all for us. We have to know where to go for information, and fast. Because the world's dying. God is old and the world is dying. Isis has caused god to get snake bit so she can wrangle the word that heals out of him, because he can't use it himself, he's too old. Get to be friends with your bots and search engines. They're what's going to save you. And a good fast modem. And being the snake that bites the old god and gets him to give up the password. That's what I mean by Immanuel can't do it all himself. Seems like alot of trouble. Someone should have gotten the bugs out of the system before putting it up."

John Quotable Citizen
Spoken for by URLYBIRD TIMES

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