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Wymsey Embassy to extraterrestrials and the Americas below the US/Mexican border

Irene de Mandible
Wymsey ambassador

Ambassador Irene de Mandible
Speeches of Interest by Irene de Mandible
The Microstate of Wymsey
The Embassy
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Irene de Mandible

On October 14, 2000 Wymsey announced its intent to nominate Irene de Mandible to the post of Ambassador to "the area from the Mexican border with the USA to Cape Horn in Chile and all off-earth territories." She received her Diplomatic Badge on October 21, 2000. She has yet to be officially introduced to representives of the countries her Ambassadorship will serve but is very excited about her post, aware that the new microstate of Wymsey has not previously had official diplomatic relations with the areas she serves and comprehends the gravity of her mission as a good will representative for a new microstate, as well as one who serves as link to home for those Wymsonians traveling or living in the area from the Mexican border with the USA to Cape Horn in Chile and all off-earth territories. And Easter Island, of course. And the Falklands.

Irene's qualifications for her position are genealogical/genetic as well as intellectual. Irene first became aware of Wymsey when researching her family tree. The Norman Invasion to Wymsey brought with it the family of the De Mandibles, who were cartographers. Subsequently, they relocated to somewhere in America. Wymsey at first denied any knowledge of the De Mandibles; it was John Applegate who eventually was able to find documents which confirmed the De Mandible connection to Wymsey. Their castle has yet to be located; Irene suspects that it once existed on the location of the now extinct Wymsey treacle mine, as the family crest shows a dragon either rising out of or being immersed in a pot of boiling treacle.

Irene's genealogical history is ultimately traceable through Hugh Magnus, Prince of France, William I Conqueror King of England, and William de Warren I, to Charlemagne, King of Franks and numerous others of high or suspect reputation and genealogical dispute. She is also of Irish, Scottish, French, and Choctaw descent. But what most interested Wymsey, in as much as her credentials to serve as an ambassador to extraterrestrials, was the Carpathian connection and her blood type being RH negative. It is well known that the Draco Reptilians are tracking those with Rh-Negative Factor Blood, Rh-Neg hybrids who came from the Draco caverns in the Carpathian Mountains. Irene's suspected history of being a contactee, her dreams of bright lights entering her windows, and the concrete crocodile on her doorstep cemented the conviction that she might well serve as an ambassador for regions "beyond." Also, she herself confesses to being of alien descent.

Irene says that though she may not know much about Mexico and Central and South America, having never journeyed there physically, she has travelled there astrally and spontaneously seeking her "brother" Quetzylcoatyl and so feels a shamanic affinity to the area. She has also studied Spanish a little, which she speaks with a French accent (very little of it), but she can read on a second grade level.

Pookah, Irene's twin sister, denies any knowledge as to Charlemagne or supernatural origins. All she will say about her ancestors is that her belief is they probably didn't look very attractive in shorts.

Speeches of interest by Ambassador Irene de Mandible

The Day after Thanksgiving Speech
Not all that: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Ambassador

The Microstate of Wymsey

Visit Wymsey's Openguv page to keep abreast of news concerning Wymsey's microstatehood, its symbols, products and attractions.

Link to the Wymsey Village Web

The Parish Notice Board is the watering hole through which much colloquial knowledge is dispersed and dispensed with by Wymsonians and patriots com and con.

The Embassy

The Wymsey Embassy to "the area from the Mexican border with the USA to Cape Horn in Chile and all off-earth territories" is located at BigSofa. We have a nice big, gold sofa upon which the visitor may lounge. It is serviced by 3 lamps, 2 end tables and a nice large coffee table. French roast Columbian coffee and a selection of teas, and Japanese iced green tea, are generally available. Visitors enjoy the indoors 12 inch cactus garden. Sunscreen is always on hand for those living in southern extremities affected by ozone depletion.

The BigSofa houses a core library of essays, a museum, free gift shop, and a place where one may register their own sofa.

In case you are unclear about what countries the Wymsey Embassy services, they are as follows:

San Salvador
Costa Rica
Chile Venezuela
French Guiana
All off-earth territories, physical and meta

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