The child plays at making friends with a snowman

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The Child Experiments with Being Friends with a Snowman

Digital photo with post processing

On the series: These portraits were more collaborative efforts with my young son, than my simply taking pictures of him. He would prepare a situation and would ask that a picture be taken, which is how the series began. He wanted to see how what he'd dreamed up looked like through the eye of the camera, and enjoyed having it preserved--probably like most children. Then when I was working on a picture in post production I would ask him what he thought as we both conjured a photo befitting his dream.

On this photo: Children enjoy making friends of inanimate objects. So do adults, and often have the same magical connection as children, though the knowledge is sublimated. This is a plastic snowman which never saw the outside but was a yearly visitor to our apartment at the time of the Winter Solstice. Mr. Snowman was a great friend.